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Global Maritime Agency S.A.


Description: The life of Global Maritime Agency S.A. starts back in 1986 when it was founded as a Limited Company and started activities in Piraeus mainly in the Transport of goods by sea. Through the years the Company has evolved and today Global Maritime Agency operating ex its own premises at the Piraeus waterfront offers a comprehensive range of services covering the whole aspect of transportation namely, sea, land, and air duly backed by logistics including distribution and warehousing management.

The Company status as from the 1st January 2003 has changed from a Limited Company to SA.


The ever increasing volume of business led the company to adopt a flexible internal structure system and the setting up of a complete external network of agents and collaborators both in Greece and abroad , thus rendering the Company fully capable to successfully carry out all its functions and offer the best possible services to customers.

All the Company departments are manned by selected experienced staff having at their disposal all those tools required to carry out professionally and efficiently their respective duties.
Address: 10 G.Skouze & 121 Filonos str.
City: Piraeus
Postal Code: 18536
Telephone: View telephone
Country: Greece

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