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PSM C.Hartwig Warszawa S.A.


Description: History of company

The history of our company dates back to 1858 when Carl Hartwig, a citizen of Wielkie Ksiestwo Poznanskie (The Great Duchy of Poznan) registered his company. After several years of trading fuel and building materials, he decided to switch to transport. The decision was related to the dramatic development of railway and the growing need for cargo forwarding between railway stations. In a short time Hartwig managed to gain several transportation wagons and several horses, thus becoming the first professional transport and forwarding company in Poland.

When Carl Hartwig died in 1879, the development of the company was continued by his wife in cooperation with Edward Hempel and August Ditlich. After a few years, they took over the company, and decided to maintain its name ??â?š?¢â??¬â? C Hartwig a well-estabilshed name with a good reputation on the market. At the same time, the company expanded its services beyond the area of Wielkopolska, setting up branches in Galicja among others.

After World War I, in independent Poland, the company was purchased by Bank Zwiazku Spolek Zarobkowych (Earning Companies Union Bank) and transformed into a joint stock company with 90% of shares belonging to the Bank and 10% to private investors. As a company providing full forwarding service, authorised to organise customs clearance, managing own transit, duty free depots, the company earned the reputation of the largest Polish forwarder, well-known and highly valued both in Poland and abroad. Becoming the exclusive forwarder for Polskie Koleje Panstwowe (Polish National Railways), Panstwowe Targi Poznanskie (Poznan National Fair) and Targi Wschodnie in Lwow (East Fairs in Lwow) were the rnost successful moments for the company at that time.

Alter the outbreak of World War II and the occupation of Poland by German forces, the property and staff of C. Hartwig were taken over by SCHENKER, a German forwarding company and subordinated to the occupants rule
On 15 May 1945, the company was officially reactivated by the Komitet Ekonomiczny Rady Ministrow (Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers) in its own original name C. Hartwig. The first branch to restart its services managed by the new state administration was the branch in Poznan, which supervised the launching of 29 branches in large cities and 55 local branches. Alter the nationalisation of private companies in 1950, C. Hartwig became the exclusive forwarding company in Poland providing international services However in 1953 the Ministry of Foreign Trade restructured the C. Hartwig Company, dividing it into 5 branches, giving each of them considerable economic ingependence.
Address: ul R?????????³wnoległa 4
City: Warszawa
Postal Code: 02 - 235
Telephone: View telephone
Country: Poland

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