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Description: Reederei "NORD" Klaus E. Oldendorff

is a family-owned company, established in 1964 by Mr. Klaus E. Oldendorff. The company started trading on 12th December 1964, when it took delivery in Kiel of a singledeck 1,417 tons deadweight vessel called "BOCKHOLM". The vessel's name was changed to "NORDHOLM" and she sailed off to the White Sea to load a cargo of timber. The following day, 13th December, the company opened its first office in Hamburg, where Mr. Oldendorff initially worked as the sole shore-side employee. Five months later, the company bought its second ship, the "NORDMARK", this time a tweendecker of 5,160 deadweight tons. Over the next five years, further second hand purchases took place and the fleet began to grow.

Then in 1969 and 1970, the company took delivery of its first newbuildings "NORDWELLE", "NORDWOGE", "NORDSTRAND" and "NORDKAP". These were four ships out of a series of ten,

ordered by members of the Hamburg Trampship Owners Cooperation. These ships, the so-called Trampko-type, were some of the first semi-containervessels with a deadweight of 7,435 tons and a container carrying capacity of 228 teu. They were delivered just as the freight markets plunged into a deep crisis. The company had to lay up all its second hand vessels, but the newbuildings were able to continue to trade and with the upswing in containerisation, did very well. When the crisis in the freight markets abated and ship sale prices improved, the company started selling some of its older units. From that time on, the company has only invested in newbuildings. Building in West Germany had become too expensive and the company has since built in Japan, Singapore, China, East Germany, Poland and Korea.

During the 1980's,

the conditions for shipowning in Germany became very difficult and it was decided that if the company was to continue trading successfully, then it must move to another country. After careful study and preparation, Mr. Oldendorff together with his wife Christiane, and their two sons Christian and Nikolaus, emigrated to Limassol, Cyprus in January 1987.

Since the company moved to Cyprus, it has flourished and experienced considerable growth in both numbers of ships and the total deadweight of the fleet. The company currently operates a very modern fleet of 36 vessels, totaling just over 2.5 million tdw, forming the biggest fleet tonnage wise under the Cyprus flag. This comprises of 20 container vessels between 1058 teu and 2500 teu, 6 Panamax bulk carriers with 75,000 tdw each and 10 tankers between 13,126 and 319,000 tdw,

including 4 Panamax product tankers that were delivered in 2004. The fleet was further enlarged by a new building program of 2 container vessels of 2600 teu in 2005/6 and another 4 container vessels of 3500 teu in 2007/08, one Aframax Tanker in 2007 and one Chemical Tanker in 2008.

All the ships are operated by multinational seastaff. It is the company's policy to work with a balanced mixture of nationalities onboard and ashore. Reederei "NORD" is proud of its high quality international workforce, which maintains and operates the vessels to the highest standards. In recognition of its commitment to its personnel, Reederei "NORD" won the 1999 Lloyd's List Youth and Training award.

The Fleet

is partly managed by Reederei "NORD" Klaus E. Oldendorff Hamburg. The company operates several of its vessels in "pools" with other shipowners. The 3 VLCCs trade in the "Tankers International" pool together with VLCCs of EURONAV, and OSG while the coated Aframax tankers are part of the Danish-managed "LR2" pool with TORM, A.P. MOELLER and PRIMORSK. Several Reederei "NORD" containerships are in the Hamburg-based "O&S Container Pool". The 4 Panamax product tankers, trade in the LR1 pool, run by TORM.

The company has always been actively involved in the international shipping scene. The company is a founding member of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber

and Mr. Oldendorff was President of the Council on several occasions. In addition, Mr. Oldendorff was active in many other international organisations over a large number of years. He was a past Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and a past Vice-President and Council Member of the International Shipping Federation (ISF). He served on the Board of Directors of the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and The Swedish Club, a leading P&l Club and H&M insurer. He was also Chairman of the Germanischer Lloyd Cyprus Committee.
Address: Libra Tower, 23 Olympion Street Limassol 3306
City: Cyprus
Postal Code: 56345
Telephone: View telephone
Country: Cyprus

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